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Ted & Rachel Linczak, M. Photo., Cr.

Cleveland Wedding Photographers Ted and Rachel

PPA Masters of Photography Rachel and Ted Linczak are the owners and primary photographers for Linczak Photography. Upon starting their business together in the summer of 2006, they have quickly become one of the most sought after photography studios in Northeast Ohio. While they choose to diversify with shooting several other genres of photography and their talents in photography cover many different areas, wedding photography is their choice of profession. Rachel explains, “There is nothing to rival a bride in all of her glory on her wedding day. Nothing can match the electricity of emotion when the bride and groom see each other for the first time. For us, we couldn’t imagine doing anything else full time based on that fact alone.”

Ted and Rachel photograph and work together as a husband and wife team and use their personal strengths along side of the other to give a truly complete wedding photography experience to their clients. Their style is a mixture of photojournalism, traditional portraiture, as well as their own signature style that focuses on the relationships and connections between their clients. Ted and Rachel have attention to detail as well as an eye for unique imagery. Their instincts lead them off the beaten path as they continuously challenge themselves to not only stay current, but make new trends and set new precedents in the field of wedding photography. Their energy and love for their craft is evident in their approach to every session they do. “The world of photography, not only for weddings, but for everything, has changed dramatically”, Ted says. “What is normal today will already be done tomorrow. Our goal is to constantly be one step ahead.”