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John & Maria’s St. Ann and 700 Beta Cleveland Wedding

John and Maria booked us as their photographers for their wedding nearly two years before their wedding, so when the day finally arrived it was almost surreal! We’re so glad we had a beautiful day to work with, and John and Maria’s willingness to venture to some abstract locations for their photography really paid off in the end. It’s always great getting the opportunity to photograph in the beautiful cathedrals and churches Cleveland has to offer, and St. Ann in Cleveland Heights has to be one of the nicest, both inside and out. Some of our favorite images from the day were taken right out front on the main entrance facade, what a incredibly dramatic piece of architecture to work with! After their ceremony we headed out to some more urban type landscapes for our creative shooting before wrapping up and heading to the hip and modern 700 Beta for their reception celebration. Thanks so much guys for a fun afternoon, its hard to imagine after all that waiting the wedding day has come and gone. We’re so glad we can deliver these images to you so you can relieve the memories for a lifetime!

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