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Zac and Christine’s Downtown Cleveland Wedding at The Marriott

Ever since we traveled to Ann Arbor last fall to photograph their engagement session, we knew Zac and Christine’s wedding day was going to be incredible! Their ceremony took place at the historic St. John’s Cathedral on East 9th Street in downtown Cleveland, which is a stunning¬† church to photograph in, and their reception followed at the Marriott downtown at Key Center. I’d be hard pressed to think of anything that could have dampened the excitement and joy both Zac and Christine as well as their families displayed through out the wedding day, what a fun filled celebration this was from top to bottom! Thanks so much guys for making us feel like family throughout this whole process, your warmth and kindness is something we won’t soon forget! We wish you all the best in your first year of marriage, and we hope to work with your families again in the future!

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