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Miqueas & Kayla’s Cleveland Wedding

What a perfect day we had for a perfect couple!  Miqueas and Kayla are pretty much the sweetest people and are beautiful inside and out – it was an absolutely pleasure to work with them!  We are lucky enough to know Miqueas as he is the worship pastor at our church Grace Church CMA.  We were so thrilled to meet Kayla and we couldn’t believe how perfect of a match they are.  The day of their wedding turned out sunny and gorgeous, and we were able to capture beautiful moments with their families and with their bridal party out in the Brecksville Metroparks during their creative time.  Some of my favorite moments of the day included the moment Kayla’s parents saw her for the first time and the speech her father gave before he gave her away – what a touching moment!  Hope you guys enjoy the images as much as we do!

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