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Nick and Katie’s St. John Cantius Wedding

Katie and Nick had a beautiful wedding this past May at St. John Cantius Catholic church in Tremont. We couldn’t have asked for a better day, and some unique locations in the Cleveland area really made our creative portrait time a lot of fun! Thanks again for being so awesome guys, we had a blast documenting your wedding for you, and we’re so glad you had us as your wedding photographers!

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  • Karen Gallagher - love love love!!!!

  • Tanya Copley - Most beautiful wedding ever!!!! The pic of the church is so incredible!

  • Brian Stang - absolutely fantastic!

  • Kim Lannan - Ditto on the LOVE!!!!

  • Julie Gaul - Beautiful wedding – beautiful pics!

  • Sheree Dearwester - Beautiful photos…hard to believe little Nick is all grown up and a Husband!

  • Esther Gibson Holsinger - Beautiful pictures! What a great time we had!!