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Jason & Glene’s St. John Bosco Wedding

We’ve been anticipating Jason and Glene’s wedding day ever since we met them back in the beginning of last year. Photography was a number one priority for their big day, and we are so glad we had a gorgeous day to create some beautiful wedding imagery for them! It’s hard to imagine a couple more gracious and thoughtful than these two, and Rachel and I are so glad to have taken part in their celebration with family and friends. We especially loved the images we captured of them in a amazing old factory building downtown! Even though we have been Cleveland wedding photographers for 7 years now, we still aim to capture unique and exciting images at every wedding we photograph, and some of those images are definitely on that list! Much thanks for choosing us to be your Cleveland wedding photographers, its was an incredible day!

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  • Kaelyn Hrabak - LOVE THESE SHOTS! Beautiful dress, and beautiful couple 🙂 So excited for you guys to shoot my wedding!

  • Linda Haviland Sawyer - Very nice! Love the one of you and Dave.

  • Linda Haviland Sawyer - Very nice! Love the one of you and Dave.

  • Cathy Ann Perrine - Gorgeous! Just gorgeous… Have a wonderful life together. Love, Grammi Cathy.