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E-Session with Ashley & George

We got to travel a little bit for Ashley and George’s engagement session.  Apparently, Marblehead Lighthouse is the hot spot for photographers in a 50 mile or so radius, because fighting for a place out there was tough!  It was easy to see why though – we had cool rocks, beautiful lighthouse, and a gorgeous couple to work with!  Even though George wasn’t too keen on getting his photo taken right away, he definitely warmed up to the camera by the end.  Ashley was the easy one  – I couldn’t count how many times she just burst out into laughter!  I can tell that George will never be bored with her around!  Besides that, Ashley has some killer blue eyes, which you can see in some of the photos below:


I imagine these eyes had something to do with George’s initial attraction to Ashley!


I forgot to add that we had fabulouso light also!




Not just popular among photographers…


This shot never gets old…


The reason for all the fuss:


Thanks guys!  We always enjoy a little trip away from the norm!