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The Wedding of Megan & John…

A couple Fridays ago, Ted and I had the great treat of photographing the wedding of Megan and John.  As many of you know, I am not originally from Ohio, and Ted is, so often we find ourselves photographing people that Ted went to high school with or just knew from childhood.  I didn’t think this would ever happen for me being from South Carolina orginally, so I was thrilled to receive the phone call from Megan last year.  Megan and I attended Baldwin-Wallace College together and actually lived in the same dorm on campus!  I even met John once or twice back then too, so as soon as she called I couldn’t help myself but feel a bit of ownership about their wedding.  That day was another one of those pretend-to-rain-just-enough-to-make-you-feel-nervous, but it cleared up right when we came outside for photos!  I think Megan has someone looking out for her!  Other than that, the day was so fun and relaxed – Ted and I both felt like honored guests more than hired photographers.  One of the best things that I love about Megan and John’s relationship is that they are best friends first!  There are so many photos from their day that we captured them just looking at each other and cracking up.  I LOVE that kind of chemistry!  Also, at times they are completely the same, and other times they were perfectly opposite.  Check them out!


This is my girl!


John is kinda pretty too!


Ted’s eye for details demonstrated here:


Excited and nervous right before the walk down the aisle!


Handmade veil by Megan’s aunt.


Even though St Charles is on our neck of the woods, this was our first time there.  Gorgeous!


Megan is quirky and adorable – I have no idea what she was laughing at here, but it’s a perfect example of their friendship!


Photo ninja moment right after walking out of the ceremony!  “We’re married!!!”


I’ve really been loving doing these shots of all the guests right after the bubbles.  It’s so easy and fast too!


One of last year’s favorite locations turned out to be perfect for these two.  We just put them against this ivy and let them be themselves!



They have a perfect mixture of fun and sweet moments…


I don’t care how much those groomsmen laughed, John has a pretty awesome serious face!


I don’t know if Megan has an expression other than smiling happiness!  John is a lucky man!


Mine and Ted’s new favorite color?  Yellow.


I literally love these girls!


All the guys busted out the GQ face for this one!  I think they rocked it!


Best. moment. ever.  Already making an appearance on our wall:


This is Ted’s favorite door:


The reception was at Massimo’s in Cleveland.  I don’t what it is about this place, but we love it!


First dance!


Ted’s awesome eye found this one: (one of my favorite end of the night shots ever)


I think I know why I love Massimo’s now!


I positively adore this one last shot.  A perfect end to a perfect day!


Thank you you gorgeous people!  We had an amazing time with you all day!  We wish you all the best!

  • heidzilla - WOW! That is one BEAUTIFUL bride! Gorgeous gorgeous captures of their day.