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Connie & Andrew’s Wedding!

A couple Saturdays ago, we fell in love with Connie and Andrew yet again on their wedding day.  It didn’t matter that the sky had huge, dark, threatening clouds pretty much all day – the sun was shining in our world!  Connie and Andrew went out of their way every second of their day to prove to us how committed they were to getting amazing imagery!  I was constantly amazed all day about how focused they were on each other instead of all the million little things that can usually distract a couple.  They are the kind of people that are an absolute pleasure to be around 100% of the time and we feel lucky to have had them as clients!  Big time shout out to our good friend Kate for assisting us that day – it is so nice to have one more set of arms to carry stuff!  Now on to the reason we’re all here:


She somehow manages to look like a model putting on a dress!


Oh, I forgot to mention too that Connie and Andrew just moved into a brand new beautiful new house that had walls painted just for us! I can’t get over her beautiful smile! And check out those eyes!


And they had this sliding glass door put in just for this shot…


Now over to Andrew!


Andrew is, in my opinion, the closest living body double for Jake Gyllenhaal.  Well Andrew, if your current profession ever doesn’t work out – you can have a back up career as a body double!


There is no way that Jake is as nice as Andrew though.


Ted showed his commitment to window light by removing almost every piece of furniture from this room!  Doesn’t Andrew work that serious look?


This sky may of made us nervous, but it also made for a pretty cool sky shot!


This part was kind of important too!



Loved the doorway to the church, even though we got yelled at for talking too loudly!


Since Andrew couldn’t quite convince me that he wanted to try to get away from Connie, I picked this one!


We barely dodged the rain downtown long enough to go to a couple more locations…



We have decided that the black and white dresses with a pink accent could quite possibly be our favorite combination ever!


I love working with the girls!  Wedding day always brings out the best in everyone!


The boys channeling their handsome sides…


More and more, Ted and I are fixated on hands and the power they have in an image.  It’s such an easy thing to tell a groom to keep his hands on his new and gorgeous wife, but it’s a home run when that wife can’t keep her hands off her man!  Look at what this image says and tell me its not from Connie’s hand twisted up on Andrew’s head!


One of the most important details I’ve ever photographed.


On one of our more recent photo scouting locations, Ted and I came upon a super cool bridge with all of this aged wood lining it.  Props to one of the best brides you could dream up  – since it was kind of dirty, we were a little worried about Connie getting her dress dirty.  Her response to the location was, “Where do you want me?”


So this sign got the immediate reaction from everyone involved of “That’s what she said!” lol


Lots of good angles under a bridge!


Credit for this spot goes to our bride and groom!  Love the graffiti which has since been erased!


The pattern continued through to the reception!


A sweet first dance…


It seems like we’ve been at La Vera every other weekend this whole summer!  Selective Sound is one of our favorite DJ’s and provided the entertainment for the evening…


I’d say JR did a good job!


The great thing about this time at La Vera was that the other dining hall was not being used, so when it came time for the end of the night shot, naturally we wandered across the hall.  A HUGE thanks to Mary for letting us move tables, turn on crazy lights, and basically do whatever we wanted!


The home run of the whole day: the pink lights against a mirror!


*swoon* Favorite end of the night shot of the season!


I can’t say enough good things about the two of you and your wedding day!  We love you so much and look forward to working with you in the future!


  • Jarred - Ok, I am officially jealous of the night shot under the ‘stars’. Ridiculous.

  • Natalie - i LOVE these!!!!!