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The Wedding of CJ and Tara!

I know there are many ladies out there in cyberspace that have been eagerly awaiting this blog entry and I am so happy to be able to deliver it!  🙂

What to say about Tara and CJ?  This was a day we’ve been looking forward to for a long time and it didn’t disappoint in the least!  Tara and CJ are like a model bride and groom and there was never a point of the day that was less than absolutely, 100%  ideal for a wedding photographer!  Time + amazing couple + beautiful details + great people + perfect weather = extremely happy Ted and Rachel.   Besides the being beautiful part, Tara and CJ are so much fun to be around – they have an energy that is contagious and a love for each other that is amazing to see.  I don’t think either of them will ever have a dull day for the rest of their lives now that they have each other!

One of my favorite details was Tara’s green shoes!


The ability to use amazing light like this is why I keep Ted around…


CJ had this jewelry box made special for Tara.  Way to make all the women cry early CJ!


Besides being a good gift-giver, CJ also makes a pretty acceptable model!


Tara is one of the easiest people in the world to photograph.  Happiness just pours out of her!


Look at those sparkly eyes!  I love her!


Tara and CJ opted to do a “First Glance”.  If they were trying to endear themselves to us…it worked!  One of our favorite things ever is to be able to capture that first moment when the bride and groom see each other for the first time without any restrictions.  It is such a special time when the they got to just have nothing else on their minds except each other.  It always amazes me to look at these pictures afterward!


Excitement and tears!  It’s was an amazing thing to be there to witness it!


One of my goals in life is to convince Tara that she looks amazing with the “serious” face.  Will someone help me out here?


Great idea from Ted to use the hammock in the backyard!  I love how the lines just lead straight to them!


After some photo time with the stars of the day, we brought out the supporting cast + undeniably the cutest ringbearer and flowergirl of all time!


I love love LOVE Tara and CJ’s family!  I felt so welcome in their home, it was as if I was one of their own.  This is what a family formal should look like:


With the time we had left before the ceremony, we revisited some of the places we used for their engagement session last October including this amazing barn in Tara’s parents’ backyard:


Hands hands hands!  We can’t stress it enough!  Hands can make or break the emotion in an image.  What would this image say without the strategic placement of their hands?


Hey CJ, if you ever get tired of Tara, we’ll take her!  😉 *wishful thinking*


Almost getting hit by a car preceded this spot:


Another amazing fact about Tara is that she handmade almost every single detail.  From the invitations and programs to the baked goods table at the reception – the whole day had her fingerprints all over it!


The guys just chillin before the ceremony:


Collective *Aaaaaaawwwwww* from the audience.  Tara was Hannah and Joseph’s nanny for a big part of their lives and the wedding day was actually their 3rd birthday.  Does it get more adorable than that?


Ceremony time!


Possibly one my favorite bubbles shots ever!


Gotta thank the Retro Rider for this backdrop:


A little bit more time after the ceremony with the bridal party:


The boys kept begging to do a shot with their coats off.  I’m not sure if was for the shot or because it was so hot… Either way, Ted finally let them do it!


Love these feet!


One last sweetness before heading in for the reception!


The Courthouse has to be one of the most beautiful locations for  a reception.


Another amazing cake by CMYKakes




Tara’s dad wins the prize for the sweetest speech ever.  It sure produced a multitude of reaction images!


I don’t think that party stopped until the Courthouse kicked them out!


For the end of the night shots, we took Tara and CJ out on Ontario street to dodge traffic for the following images:



Best wishes for a long and happy life together!  Thanks to everyone that was there and a HUGE thank you to Hedi from Heidzillas for everything that she did!

  • Tara - ahh.. they’re up! and I love them (no surprise there)! thank you for the teaser – can’t wait to see the whole bunch! you guys are amazing!

  • jacqui - THESE. LOOK. PHENOMENAL!!! tara and cj are such wonderful people, and i’m so glad their day was just perfect!!! 😀

  • heidzilla - awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you two are gorgeous cj & tara and rock on ted & rachel for capturing their personalities to a T!!!!! kudos kudos!!!!!!!!!!

  • Niki Pabin - OMG! That is all I can say. These blew me away!

  • Angela - WOW – Tara and CJ are picture perfect Models! Congrats you two and Congrats Ted and Rachel on another wedding well shot! I never get tired of checking out your work!

  • Brantley Freeman - What a cute couple… you are right – I can see that these two were great to photograph! Fabulous job as always!

  • Lauren - Love the serious one. And the hands one. And the ones on Ontario street! I think I love them all!! We don’t have any more Linczak weddings coming up, but I think I might keep stalking the blog anyway 😉

  • jessica lentine - I had to comment on this one, you guys did such an amazing job! Although you had it easy with such a beautiful couple 🙂 I especially love the end-of-the-night street shots, but the whole thing is breathtaking. Thanks for sharing!