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Michelle’s Portrait Session…

A couple of days after Emily and Chris’s wedding, we got a call from Michelle -a friend of Emily’s mother who had been a guest at the wedding and fallen in love with our work.  Michelle happens to be a conductor of an up and coming choral group in New York called “One”.  Since her website would be up soon, Michelle wanted some out of the box head shots to show her outgoing and energetic personality.  I could already tell we were going to hit it off with her when she gave me some of her ideas – out in the forest with sheet music spread out all around her – dynamite!  While we were expecting a fun session, we were NOT expecting Michelle!  This is one tough lady!  No matter where we wanted to grab a shot, she was willing to climb, crawl, or pull herself there – in dress clothes and heels no less!!!  Not only is she amazingly beautiful, but she is not afraid of getting dirty, wet, or muddy – the complete package!  Check her out:


For those of you that may be wondering – this is freakishly early morning light.  Even though neither Michelle, Ted, or I are morning people, we decided to do a morning session because of the threat of rain later in the afternoon.  I think I like it though!


Love this – light, foreground leaves, and expression…


We pulled the sheet music out for a couple:


Michelle is one of those people that others are just drawn to…


I positively ADORE this shot:


She’s pretty much gorgeous from every angle!


The best part of the session was the last spot in the river!  Michelle had already mentioned she wanted to do some in the water, but little did any of us know how hot it was going to get by that time!  By the end of the session, we were DYING to get in this water!


This look of joy is real!


Who wouldn’t have a blast taking pictures of Michelle???


  • heidzilla - WOWSA!!! those are some awesome head shots!!! great work guys!

  • Brantley Freeman - So great! Incredibly hot and can’t wait for our session! You guys continually AMAZE me!