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Kelly & Michael’s Wedding…

This past Saturday was the wedding of Kelly and Michael.  The weather was bit grey, but that didn’t stop Kelly and Mike!  I love these two because I think they are absolutely the best people in the world for each other.  I knew for sure how much I loved them when Michael sent me an email earlier this week that ended with “2 1/2 days!  I can’t wait!”  Any man that emails his photographer to say he can’t wait to marry his girl earns the “love” card from me.  Any two people who have that much love for each other, do not need perfect weather!  On to the goods…

Kelly looking amazing.  Nothing out of the ordinary.

Mike looked kinda good too…

The coolest part of the whole church:

It never did actually rain, but I don’t think they would have noticed if it did!

I love this image.  Again back to the hands – the placement of Kelly’s hands says so much!  If they had just been folded behind his neck, or resting on his shoulder, this image wouldn’t have been anywhere close to this.

Michael poses a problem being so tall but I think we managed…;)

I love the yellow against the blue!

Fighting back a couple sprinkles sent us inside the church into this amazing window light.  The pose and the movement in Kelly’s hips just make this shot for me!

Mike just HAD to step in for some of this action!

The reception was at Lamalfa in Mentor.

The DJ brought along these amazing lights to make the first dance look better in our pictures.  Okay, probably not for that reason, but we were diggin it!  It was hard to catch these two as they brilliantly danced a choreographed routine.  Nicely done guys!

We had a little extra time before taking off, so Ted and got several end of the night shots, of which we will leave you with two:

All the best guys!  You were awesome!

  • Brantley Freeman - So after looking at these images, I noticed her dress! Did she have two different dresses? I had to ask!