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James and Steph…Wedding Day!

So this past week leading up to Saturday had me nervous since it was raining almost very day and every night.  Not to worry for Saturday though – the day was beautiful, sunny, and warm!  It couldn’t have been better timing either since we were shooting the wedding of James and Steph!  I say all the time that I love our job because we get to meet new people all the time, and people like James and Steph really highlight that for me.  They are both so laid back, it’s impossible not to feel comfortable with them – it was like we’ve known them for years!  Besides that, they are both gorgeous, which never hurts us as photographers!

I’ve been called a girly-girl before, but I don’t care – I love pink!  Apparently, so does Steph!

Grooms have details too!

I think James looks smokin here:

Ted told me he walked into James and Steph’s house and immediately was drawn towards this clock.  I love it!  Our clients have such good taste!

Now back to Steph…

I love cathedral veils as I have mentioned before.  I specifically loved this one since we have photographed it before almost 2 years ago from the wedding of Chris and Nicole!  Of course the veil only highlights the real beauty which is Steph…

Shoutout to bridesmaid Lexi for assisting me with this shot!  I love the dramatic look when I photograph the bride on her own.  This is drama to the max!

After that, it was off to the church in the limo bus which was well stocked with champagne!

Need proof about the weather?  Check out Old Stone…

Steph and her dad definitely have a special relationship and it was never more obvious than right before the walk down the aisle.

I love it when brides and grooms have great expressions during the ceremony.

Now it’s time for my weekly speech about family formals.  I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: we LOVE doing the family formals outside.  I’ve told you before about how we love getting people to lean in and talk to each other to display their relationships, but we also love to do them outside because of the quality of light.  Ted and I believe very strongly in the use of natural light as much as possible.  This is why you will hardly ever see us with flashes mounted to our cameras or setting up extensive lights.  This is for a couple different reasons, but a main one is because we believe you can’t improve on God’s design!  No matter how hard people try, beautiful, open shade will always be more flattering and provide better color than artificial light and flashes.  Besides that, we’ve found that people are WAY more camera aware when flashes or lights are being fired.  To quote my dad in his “funny” voice here: “We don’t want that.”

Okay, you guys can all breathe a sigh of relief that this weeks’ lecture is over!  🙂

Mine and Ted’s recent obsession?  Reflections.  Again.  Count how many are in this one blog post alone!

<3 this crazy bridal party!

Steph had some gorgeous girls!  I loved her alternating pinks too!

These guys are way too cool…

It wouldn’t be a Linczak day without at least one arrow!

One of my biggest pet peeves is what I have affectionately started calling “dead arm”.  This is where the bride and groom will be together in an image, either engaged in a passionate kiss, laughing together, or gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes while either one or both of them will have an arm hanging at their side.  To me, this is a huge contradiction of what we want our images to say.  I don’t care where those hands are but they can NEVER hang at your side!  That’s why I start our creative time by telling the groom “Your only rule from me today is that you have to keep both hands on your bride at all times.  You get to choose where they go!”  This image is James following that rule.  Think about what this image WOULD have said if his hand had been in his lap or at his side, which is where it very well could have been if we hadn’t addressed it!

The shot of the day.  The best part is that this is basically straight out of camera!

We grabbed another couple before heading out…

Props must go to our good friends Brian and Susy Morris from 2nd Mile Productions for the mechanics of our first dance shots from now on.  This goes hand in hand with our desire to use natural light as opposed to flash.  For receptions, we like to bring 2 video lights for the main dances and set them up on either side of the dance floor.  This creates a look of custom lighting (like a spotlight on the bride and groom) while also allowing us to create some super dramatic images of the first dance.  That also lets us capture the true ambiance of the room instead of using flash to make the image look like everything was lit up.  Some reception people and DJ’s at times don’t understand it, but I think the results speak loud enough for themselves.

I felt like I learned so much about James just by meeting his parents.  They are 2 of the nicest people in the world.

AJ from Absolute Entertainment opened the door for a cool shot when he turned on his cool laser lights.

I think this is my favorite end of the night shot ever.

Thanks guys for being so awesome!  Have a great honeymoon!!!!

  • Brian Morris - Hey… that’s my name!! Thanks for the mention. I really think using the lights at receptions was one of the biggest things that we did this past year. I am excited to work with you guys in a couple weeks. We will have all kinds of options for light! Thanks again and glad I could be of assistance!

  • Ken - Beautiful work guys!! As usual.

  • Brantley Freeman - I LOVE the mirror shot! Absolutely beautiful!