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Liz and Kyle’s Wedding…

Who would have thought that we would have had a 73 degree, sunny, perfect day in the middle of April in Ohio?  Not me, that’s for sure, but that’s exactly what we had for Liz and Kyle this past Saturday.  No one could have made better use of it either!  Way back last year when we first met with Liz, she decided (after meeting us) that she had to have more time for pictures.  Because of her decision, she made it incredibly hard for me to decide which pictures were going up on the blog today!  What a way to kick off a season!  Check their hottness out!

This blue was what the whole day was like:

Liz has got to be one of the easiest people in the world to photograph.  I love doing bridal portraits on the bed these days, and usually they are hard to maneuver.  Not for Liz!

Kyle has kind of an subtle attractiveness about him.  If you take one look at him, you know he’s tough.  Yet, he’s impossible not to like!

This was my shot of the day.  I am so happy with it I can’t even tell you.  Isn’t Liz amazing?!

Love this ring shot:

The next images I want to show you demonstrate a point that Ted and I feel very strongly about.  There is much debate in the photography world about strictly capturing moments when they happen as opposed to helping the moment along to become something better than it would have been by itself.  Our philosophy has always been not to interfere, but to help things happen in a way to tells the story in a more flattering and conducive way.  Ted demonstrated this so well with the following two images.  When he showed up, the groomsmen were simply standing in the hallway behind the church, not really doing anything.

Not a bad photo at all, and it is what they were really doing, right?  Well, Ted didn’t stop with just what they were doing!  He took advantage of the time he had and got the following shot:

This is what Ted and I have dubbed “artistic photojournalism”.  Creating real moments instead of waiting for something that may never happen on it’s own.  I love this second shot, and all it took was a little foresight by the photographer!

I’m done preaching now, back to the post!

Another great thing about the wedding day was that everyone there was so laid back and had fun.  That always makes a difference in the dynamic of the day for us!  Here is Liz’s mom cracking up during the ceremony:

Love this shot Ted grabbed from the other side of the altar:

This is a crazy thing we want to start doing at all weddings: a massive group shot of all the guests on the steps of the church!  It’s always fun!

Another component of wedding photography that we feel very strongly about, is the family formal photos.  I’ve mentioned it before in other blog posts, but I’ll say it again: we LOVE doing these photos outside rather than the altar of the church.  This gives us the freedom to use superior light and to make the formals more intimate.  More of an ‘anti-formal” if you will.  You can’t argue with the results:

Before we take off to our locations, we like to use the church in a more unconventional way…

My favorite from Ted from the day!  This shot was awesome because it took an awesome bride to climb up that ladder/staircase to get to this spot.  That’s called trust and it was soooooooooooooo worth it!

We stayed in the area of Medina for the day, and found some great spots.  This was the first randomness – an awesome weeping tree next to a pond.  Don’t ask where it is, because we have no idea anymore!

Best bridal party shot EVER!

The next location was Liz’s parents’ farm.  It was a nice resting place too for everyone to take a breather!  I LOVE Liz’s serious look.  So therefore, I LOVE this shot from Ted.

The crazy guys…We loved them!

Next stop: one of those ask forgiveness, not permission places…

Next, we went down to downtown Medina, which is going in the books as one of Ted and Rachel’s favorite places to shoot.

Liz is one of those “whole package” kind of girls.  She’s gorgeous and yet a tomboy all at the same time.  Kyle’s a lucky guy!

Ted’s view:

My view (noticing the differences yet?):

I’m one for the dramatic…

All that amazing color you’re seeing is straight out of camera, and for you photographers out there – yes, it was shot JPG and yes, with our white balance target!

Ted’s shot of the day.  No words need to introduce it:

The crazy thing is, I don’t think we wore them out!

The first dance was awesome and I’ll leave you with 2.

My view:

Ted’s view:

Kyle and Liz – we love you guys and wish all the best in your many years to come!

  • Jarred - Ok, this is what I’m talking about. Amazing set. Love the girl’s room stuff and the wide angle work. Ted was on fire! The light on her face in the staircase – c’mon! Beautiful. Liz and Kyle look great, they were lucky to have you.

  • Julie - Beautiful work!! You did a wonderful job

  • Brantley Freeman - Sooo jealous you have such wonderful couples that allow you to use them for all of these AMAZING shots!!! Absolutely perfect! And yes, I just said perfect! 🙂

  • Ted - Thanks guys, Liz and Kyle were open to giving us a ton of time to work with, and that always thrills us! We always find that couples who put in a ton of time for photos NEVER regret it! ; )