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Jon & Natalie’s Wedding…

I’ve been waiting to blog this wedding since the second I arrived at Natalie’s house the morning of January 3!  Natalie and Jon are one of the best couples ever!  The whole day I had the hardest time pointing my camera away from them at any point.   Weddings in January are not supposed to be this fun! The best way to describe Natalie is that she is like a miniature sun.  She is energy, excitement, and brilliant good looks.  She radiates happiness to anyone and everyone around her.  Her dress and details (while amazingly gorgeous!) still just barely came close to doing her justice.  Jon is the perfect match for her – he is sweet, fun, and he’s up for anything!  I love seeing them in action.  Every second of shooting their wedding was a pleasure for both of us.  Check it out:

Jon getting ready…

Natalie being glamorous!  Check out her amazing mermaid-style gown with the gloves!  *swoon*

One of the most important parts of the morning…;)


Nero was the first stop on the way to the locations.  Nero is Jon & Natalie’s gorgeous puppy who was SO thrilled to see her mom and dad!

First we went to the Arcade for the family portraits, and we managed to snag a couple with these guys before the families all got there…

Some of the best family “formals” ever.  We love encouraging families to talk to each other and wiggle around when we are doing the “formals”.  We want all of our images to demonstrate relationships between people, even these “formal” ones.  In our opinion, these are by far cooler than the normal traditional wedding photos…

The way-too-cool-for-school bridal party!

Another product of Natalie’s coolness: matching rubber boots for the bridesmaids.  Does it get any better than that?

Natalie has gorgeous friends, and they adore her!

Coming soon to a 30×40 gallery wrap near you…

Jon had the BEST idea to go down to the theater district.  So we basically owe him for this rockstar shot that had already made an appearance as one of those giant sample prints we take to bridal shows.  Can you believe that reflection is in a black stone wall?

I love how smoky and hot this one is…

The reception was at Massimo’s – one of our favorites.

End of the night shots to end this amazing day:

We would like to personally thank Natalie’s parents and all the family and friends at this wedding that went out of their way to make us feel like we were just part of the family.  We feel so valued by you guys, and we truly appreciated it.  This one was yet another that I have a sneaking suspicion that this wasn’t the last day we will have them all dressed up for the camera!

  • meghanc - Impeccable!

  • Natalie - Holy Wow!

  • Laurie & Dale (Natalie's parents) - Phenomenal pictures – cannot wait to see the whole storybook album!

  • Niki Pabin - These pictures actually gave me the chills. ~One of your many number one fans:)

  • Tiffany - Bearing the cold weather was WELL worth this finished product…one of the best days of my life (and it wasn’t even MY wedding!!!) 🙂

  • Tammy Bevins - this is some of the best work i’ve seen. beautiful. gorgeous bride with gorgeous hair!