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Brittany & Jason’s Wedding…

I know that Brittany has been waiting for this post for a long time now, and I am pleased to finally deliver for her!  We had the great joy of shooting this wedding out at Mon Ami in Port Clinton the Saturday before last.  What a great day!  Even though it was cloudy most of the day and threatening to rain – it was sunny and warm with Jason and Brittany!  I love Brittany because she is always so happy  – she laughs all the time! – and her eyes have a special sparkle for Jason.  Jason is such a great guy and deserves every bit of it.  The whole family loves each other so much, that it’s hard not to feel a part of it.  The whole day was full of beautiful details and special moments, and my favorite – old wine barrels!

The day started very relaxed, hanging out with Britt and her girls as they got ready.  This is my favorite dress shot for awhile:

I love reflections, so that mirror made many more appearances throughout the getting ready…

Brittany is so stunning – she takes my breath away.  I just LOVE her “serious” face.  Once again, I had like, 20 images picked out of just her to choose from for the blog and had to narrow it down.

Had to show some moodiness with the lamp…

Of course, we can’t leave out the groom!  Jason is super-handsome and works the camera over like it’s his job!

The sweetest wedding gift ever!  From Britt to Jason.

A blue wall!  You know Ted had to have it!

The ringbearer and flowergirl made the most dramatic entrance ever.  The ringbearer cried, loudly, the whole way down the aisle while the little flowergirl just smiled and waved to the crowd.  It was so hilarious, I almost fell over from laughing!

See what I mean about Brittany laughing?  During the ceremony we saw her laugh, cry, dance, and jump up and down.  You think maybe she’s excited about something???

Recognize these guys from a few months ago?  I loved knowing the parents so well at this wedding.  For some reason, it made us feel like family!

We love intimate bridal parties.  These six people love each other and are not afraid to show it.

Then we got to run around the grounds a little bit with the real models!

Mon Ami is so beautiful – and it was such a perfect location for these two.  Love this image that Ted got out in the “vineyard”.

The smell of grapes out there was enough to make you want to just tear them straight off the vines!  Of course, nothing was as sweet as Jason and Britt…

Some of you may remember us making a stop at Moo Town for some ice cream with Nikki and Antonio a few weeks back.  Seems like Nikki started a trend here, because guess where we went?

There’s something old-timey romantic about ice cream.

My latest obsession?  Arrows.

I love this first dance shot because I think it captures the essence of their relationship so well.  Jason is always kissing Brittany on the forehead, and it’s just such a sweet moment between them.

Apparently, Brittany is a sneak-peeker when it comes to anything that is supposed to be a surprise.  She said she knew about a present Jason got for her immediately after he got it for her.  So I shouldn’t have been surprised when she peeked over my shoulder after I shot this end of the night shot to see it before she was supposed to!  Kudos for Ted for thinking of this shot…

Brittany and Jason – we love you guys, and your wedding is going down in the hall of fame for us!

  • Brittany - No, I am not ashamed of stalking the blog.

    Jason and I were so lucky to have found the two of you. It was truly a treat to have you capture our special day. We can’t wait to see what else you have in store!

  • Mommio - Beautiful pictures. Stunning. Breathless. Ted and Rachel captured the moments well! I love the pix of Charlie and Annemarie!

  • Andrew - Nice lamp light shot and the bridal party dresses were cool for this time of year.