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Jamie & Dan…

Last Saturday we got to stay on our side of town once again with Jamie & Dan.  We met these two in a bridal party of the wedding we shot last October of our good friends Ashley and Steven.  I always love to see familiar faces at weddings and it’s even more fun when you get similar bridal parties too!  I have never seen a more relaxed bride than Jamie.  She got into her dress not even five minutes before she had to leave and she didn’t stress at all!  What an example she was to me!  Dan who I heard (around the grapevine) doesn’t like his picture taken, was up for everything and didn’t even get distracted during the four hours we had for pictures in between (that’s right FOUR!)!  We got to work with our favorite DJ as well – Brian McDonald from Academy DJs – it’s always a treat to work with him!  Not to keep you waiting anymore…

Oh yeah – and she did her own makeup.  Almost had me confused about where I was…is this really a wedding?

I told Ted that we’ve been including a picture of the bride’s details in every blog post to which he replied, “So?”  SO….here it is!

I love this shot because I just held the camera up in the air while Jamie was getting dressed and this is what I got…takes mad skills to do that! 😉

If I didn’t know any better, I’d think Dan actually even enjoyed having his picture taken!  Either way, he was a great sport and we had a lot of fun with him.

Seconds before walking down the aisle…

Ted’s grab titled, “More bars in more places…”

Shot around the church for a little while before heading out…

Another awesome find – the school next door had these bright, colorful tiles out in the front.  How could we pass up color like that???

While we also went downtown and several other locations all over the place, we made a quick stop at this pub in Parma I’ve been looking at for awhile.  You know it’s awesome when the limo driver goes, “You want to stop where?!” haha…  Oh yeah, and Ted wins best bridal party image with this one too.

Does anyone not believe me that we really had 4 hours?  We went to Bay Village too!

We had a great time at the reception at Wagner’s, which was finished off by this end of the night shot of mine…

Jamie and Dan – you guys are awesome!  Can’t wait to show you the rest!

  • TF - Another great collection of images! Wonderful photo of the bride before the ceremony, and the “more bars in more places” is just too funny. Love the archway shot — great framing. Now, back to admiring your work. TF

  • Andrew - The three tile walls…. seriously that’s just not fair.

  • jamie - Ok Rachel and Ted you are killing me an everyone I know…we are all dying to see some more of these amazing photos. I have had so many family and friends tell me how wonderful you to are, they loved the slideshow and can’t wait for more!


  • Gia - I have known Jamie since she was born! Our moms are great friends. The wedding was beautiful and the pictures are amazing! I wish I was as calm as Jamie on my wedding day!