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Arika & Gabe

Friday marked the beginning of our very first “triple decker” weekend.  What a way to start off too!  Gabe & Arika booked with us more than a year ago and we had no idea how the day was going to go or how they would be in front of the camera.  But as soon as I saw Gabe’s face as Arika walked down the aisle towards him, I knew.  Friday was, exactly, the 8 year anniversary of when they had first met.  And you would never know that a day had gone by – their eyes never left each other and I don’t think Gabe stopped smiling even once that whole day.  I love our job because we get to see so much emotion all the time, and these two really stood out.  They value each other more than anything, and nothing distracted them from each other the entire day.

The gown going on…

Ted finding a cool reflection with Gabe’s belt buckle…

Look how sparkly and gorgeous these eyes are – I didn’t even touch them in Photoshop I swear!

I could put the same exact caption for this photo as the previous!  Their kids have no chance of having anything less than perfect eyes!

Arrival to the church…

Anyone wondering what the perfect response of a groom seeing his bride for the first time walking down the aisle?  How about a huge smile the second the doors open followed directly by this:

Family formals outside are so much more fun and relaxed than inside.  Both sides of this family interacted with each other so well that the talking ones were the best!

Took advantage of some of that sweet light for Arika and Gabe too…

My favorite of Ted’s.  This is all action!!!

Can you believe we didn’t even get a smudge on Arika’s gown?  She never looked less than perfect the entire day.

Bringing Gabe in on the action…(can you find the duck in this image?)

My recent obsession has been speckles caused by light coming through in the leaves of trees, so I love this one:

The crazy party!  What a great group they were – personality to the max!

First dance, “She’s Everything” by Brad Paisley.

After this end of the night shot, we thanked Gabe & Arika for being such willing models for us that day and Gabe said, “Are you kidding?  This has been the best day of my life – I got to kiss Arika all day!”  That put a smile on my face for the rest of the night…