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Joe & Monica

August 9 we spent the day with Joe and Monica.  It’s always amazing to me to see how fast the time goes from the initial time we meet with our couples to their actual wedding day.  This was especially true for Joe and Monica.  It seems like we just met with them yesterday!  I will always remember their consult with us because Joe asked us the deepest questions I think a wedding photographer has ever been asked!  It really came out that they both cared about their photography and that is so great for us on wedding day!  Check ’em out!

Monica was so relaxed all day that I almost felt like I wasn’t shooting a wedding!  She was the perfect example of someone letting her day be perfect instead of making it perfect.

This was the first time that a groom has called before the wedding to make sure that Ted was going to be there for his getting ready part.  We LOVE that enthusiasm!

The happy groom!

You know I couldn’t leave you without a few more pictures of the gorgeous bride!

The groom with his parents.  I love the lipstick mark on Joe’s cheek!

The first kiss at St. Columbkille:


They must have been the most prepared couple ever.  We started the locations at the Courthouse downtown.

This shot was most important to Joe; since when do grooms get to pick things? 🙂

Off to Voinovich!

This looked cool in black and white too, but how could I resist that blue?

My favorite of the day at the Cultural Gardens:

And what kind of photographer would I be if I didn’t leave you with at least one of their dancing shots?!

All in all, it was a pretty awesome day with some pretty amazing people.  Also, I vote for pierogies to make more appearances at weddings – yum!