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Colleen and Matt

Still backed up on these blog posts, but maybe one day we’ll catch up to ourselves!

The Friday before last, we spent the day with Colleen and Matt.  These two have a great story of being high school sweethearts – I love those kinds of stories because it seems like they are becoming more and more rare these days.  And the greatest part of it all, is that it doesn’t seem like one day has passed from high school!  We oftentimes will encourage the groom to say something to the bride so that we can capture a great expression.  Every time Matt whispered in Colleen’s ear, she laughed so hard I couldn’t help but want to know what he was saying!  On to the good stuff!

The final touch-ups…

Lately, Ted and I have been challenging ourselves to think of one or two amazing shots that we want to get from the wedding.  My challenge for myself for this wedding, was to use an alternative lightsource for a portrait of the bride.  I LOVE what I got.

Of course, I couldn’t leave you without one in window light!

Love this shot of Matt that Ted grabbed moments before the ceremony.  Matt looks so “tough-guy” here.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Who doesn’t love a good set of bagpipes?  This is my perspective:

And Ted’s:

Grabbed a couple at the church before heading out to the locations!

Definitely the first time I wished I was wearing one of the bridesmaid’s dresses instead of what I had on!

I’m not sure what was going on over here…maybe that’s a good thing!

See?  Wouldn’t you just give anything to know what he just said to her?

I am still not sure what these things are, which of course, made me want to use them!

I always find it a good thing to have simple yet silly directions for our subjects to follow.  This way, we get funny expressions merely by saying what we want them to do.  For this shot I said “Smell his cheek!”

Sweet end to the mother-son dance.  I love moments like these…

  • CATHY - Your Wedding pictures are Awesome… You done well Matt