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Anecia and Vince’s Wedding

Well, we didn’t have a wedding on Friday and Saturday this past weekend, but it sure felt like it!  Saturday, we did our very first Indian wedding at the Butler Museum of Art in Youngstown.  If that wasn’t enough, Anecia and Vince also had a Christian ceremony planned for the same day!  It felt like the whole day was run on high speed!  Even with the obstacle of hardly any time for pictures, we managed to come away with some great stuff!  Major kudos go to Brian and Susy of 2nd Mile Productions for somehow putting together one of their famous Same Day Edits.  You can check it out on their blog by clicking here.

We already knew Aneica and Vince are amazing in front of the camera, but what a difference on wedding day!  Anecia was the picture of exotic beauty and Vince couldn’t seem to keep his eyes off her.  We always say that wedding day produces its own challenges compared to an engagement session, but nothing stands up to the electricity that is between a groom and his bride on their wedding day.  Check these out!

No shortage of amazing details for this bride!!!

This is my favorite image that I got from the day.  I love the mystery!

I had so much that I wanted to put of Aneica on here, but I’ll restrain myself and leave you with this last one…

Okay, I lied.  I can’t help it that she is so beautiful!  One more…

I love horses so I was jealous of Vince for getting to ride one and of Ted for getting to photograph it!  I wish we could have incorporated this ceremony into our wedding somehow!

Ted and I were marveling all day about how different wedding photographs are for an Indian wedding.  I know that sounds like a stupid thing to say, but it really did change what we did and how we thought when we had them together.

It seems only fair that since I put so many shots of Anecia in the saree, that I should post one of Vince looking all dashing in his tux.  It makes me happy to see people happy to be getting married.  Doesn’t he look happy?

At this point, so much else had happened I felt like we were starting on a different day!  Great message from Father Brad and a beautiful, yet very hot, church.

Back to familiar ground!

My favorite family portrait.  Ever.

The reception was held at the Butler as well.  Loved the location, the artwork made the atmosphere so classy.

I definitely cried here:

Loved the color in this end of the night shot:

As he was packing up the gear at the the end of the night, Ted spotted these completely awesome and unrelated fireworks being set off in the distance.  Being the guy he is, of course he dropped everything and got way cool shots like this…

I told Ted we should start a different blog called “The Adventures of Ted and Rachel”, but then I realized that we don’t need anything other than the blog we already have!  What a crazy time this was, but also an amazing experience.

  • Brian & Susy - Hey Guys… it was great working with you for this crazy day. We love working with you and we are already looking forward to the next time. Thanks for the props on the Same Day Edit. Your photos are amazing!

  • Kimberly Lehman - Dear Ted & Rachel:

    It was great to work with you both, and Brian and Susy from 2nd Mile Productions on Vince and Anecia’s wedding. The pictures and the Same Day Edit Video are outstanding! I loved every minute of the day. I look forward to working with all of you again!

    Kimberly Lehman
    Love, Laughter & Elegance: Wedding & Event Planning

  • rad - that family portrait shot is awesome. nice work