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So one of the photography trends that is becoming more and more popular lately is the Boudoir Session. I have had the¬†opportunity to shoot several of these sessions and they are so much fun. The session consists of you striking some sexy, sassy, and fun poses to give as gift to your husband/fiance/boyfriend. I like to think that the photos end up being as much for yourself as they are for him in the end too. Since most girls probably don’t pose for lingerie magazines or Victoria’s Secret, this is your chance to really be a model!

I like to shoot these on location since I find that being outside of familiar surroundings heightens the excitement of the shoot and adds a little mystery for the final product. If anyone is interested in one of these sessions, I have many suggestions for locations!

Since we obviously do not have a gallery on our website for this, here are a couple examples of one of the boudoir sessions I have photographed. Both are used with the permission of the client of course!