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Dave & Buster’s

With the busy wedding season right around the corner, we’ve really been trying to enjoy the last few months of relative calm around here by getting out and doing fun stuff whenever we can. This past weekend we went out to Dave and Buster’s out in Westlake to play some killer video games. Rachel hasn’t been there yet since we’ve been in Cleveland, and if your unfamiliar with this place, its worth checking out. Its basically a playground for big kids, complete with awesome food and a large assortment of the best video and arcade games available. We couldn’t help but feeling like a bunch of kids again, and we were even lucky to play one crazy ticket game that appeared to be broken, which resulted in us winning 900 tickets in about 5 minutes time. What was even better is that we got to pick out some super cool prizes with our winnings! We decided to expand our glassware with some nice genuine D&B glasses, and for some reason we really felt like we just won a million bucks or something, it was great.

Sunday we got to attend a photography seminar out in Westlake as well, and this is something that we try to do as often as we can. With photography, you can never stop learning about new techniques and products that are available, and we are hoping to be able to check out a few more workshops in the next few months…