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Abby & David’s Wedding

The day after Melanie and Sam’s wedding, we spent the day with Abby & David.  Even though we had only met these 2 only once before the wedding, we hit it off right away.  It might have had something to do with their incredibly laid back personalities, our shared obsession with Dave Matthews, or the fact that they had one of our absolute FAVORITE wedding planners of all time Valarie from Kirkbrides planning the wedding.  Whatever the reason, it seemed like the entire day was scheduled around having awesome photography!  This was our first wedding at The Union Club downtown, and the setting was fabulous!  There wasn’t one thing that disappointed throughout the entire day!


Abby, just chilling and giggling – laying in the floor:


Sister, cramming for her speech later:


I love the multitude of arms!


Pretty much everyone was happy that morning:



Photographing this girl, I was falling in love with her!



Now on to David:


Love this one from Ted:


As you all well know by now, Ted and I are HUGE fans of couples doing a “First Glance”.  It makes for such an emotional sequence of images that you can never replace! 



We also get the chance to walk around and get some really cool stuff before the wedding even starts!



Loved this ribbon!


While cruising around in the morning, Ted and I found this peely wall that we absolutely HAD to use!


It wouldn’t be a day with the Linczaks if you didn’t see at least ONE reflection!


Indoor location: Palace Theater


Don’t worry!  We didn’t forget about the bridal party!


It didn’t take much to make these girls smile!


We had some pretty handsome groomsmen if I do say so myself!


We love the theater district because of the little lights everywhere!



Now it’s time to get married!


The ultimate Jewish ceremony image. I love it.


One of the best parts of the day were the amazing details at the reception.  When I say amazing, I’m not kidding.  They were amazing.





The toasts were funny, sweet, and one even quoted Dave Matthews!



The first dance was oh so dramatic!


Parent Dances:



Yes, those are twinkle lights in the floor.  I love them too.


End of one amazing night!



Thanks guys for an amazing day!!!  And big thanks to Valarie for yet another perfect wedding with Kirkbrides Wedding Planning and Design!


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Brendon & Emily’s Wedding

The tenth of October found us spending the day with one of the best couples ever: Emily & Brendon!  Emily and Brendon are not only some of the best people you’ll ever meet, but they also just happened to choose one of the most fabulous wedding planners ever Valarie from Kirkbrides Wedding Planning and Design.  We knew it was going to be a good day from the second we met with them and every so often after that, Valarie kept sending us teasers about how awesome the wedding was going to be decorated and scheduled.  We were not disappointed!  This wedding was a photographer’s dream!  The weather was beautiful, the schedule was perfect, the details were amazing, and the best part – the people were the best!  Emily & Brendon are a photographer’s dream because, it wouldn’t have mattered if they had everything for the wedding perfect or not – it was all about how much they love each other and their families! 


Simple, elegant, yet amazing – that’s Emily! 


I will never forget how this moment happened!  The bridesmaid underneath the dress fixing Emily’s slip said, “I’m going to tell Brendon that I was here before he was!”  Lucky my camera doesn’t record my laughter cuz it’d be all over this image!


Brendon is a lucky guy to land this gorgeous girl!


Not that Brendon isn’t easy on the eyes himself!  :)


I’m in love with my husband!  How could you not love someone who gets shots like these???


I think Brendon enjoys being in the spotlight once in awhile…


First Glance?  You know it.




I’m in love with her eyelashes! and bouquet!!!



The best part of doing a First Glance for us is being able to do everything before the ceremony even begins!  One of our new favorite spots:



Love these sassy girls!


Can’t forget the handsome men…


Emily won my heart (who am I kidding – she had me from hello) when we stepped out of the limo at this burned out factory in the flats and she said, “This is beautiful!”  *siiiiiiigh*




One of my favorite things to do on wedding day: get the bride to dance in front of a bright color!


Another beautiful place in the flats…


Back to the Ritz for the ceremony!  I think we literally gasped out loud and Emily cried when we saw how beautiful everything was!  Ted got some details while I went on for the ketubah signing!



So happy!


Handmade chuppah = the best detail of the wedding period!





I love Jewish weddings!  Love the traditions!



Remember how I mentioned that Valarie kept teasing us all up to the wedding day about how gorgeous this reception was going to be?  She wasn’t lying!



A Linczak favorite: uplighting.



I love the pastel look of these toast images:






A sweet dancing moment:


With the Discovery Band, there wasn’t a dull moment at that party!


My favorite part of a Jewish reception:



One last stolen moment before we headed out…


Thanks guys for choosing us to photograph your amazing day!  We had a blast!


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Meghan & Steve’s Wedding

We spent the second half of our double header last weekend (that would be back on the 6th for anybody keeping track) with Meghan and Steven out in Painesville. These guys were actually the first couple we booked for the 2009 wedding season, and that was waaaay back in June of 2007! Way to be on top of the planning guys! Its pretty crazy to see how quickly the time has passed. Rachel and I really enjoyed shooting in the square near First Congregational Church for the first time as well, and the day unfolded without a hitch, just the way we like to roll. We knew from their engagement session last fall that Meghan and Steve were going to be great in front of the camera, and they definitely did not disappoint! Check out some images form the day:

Meghan’s details..



The bling bling…


Meghan was all smiles all day!



Love this one from Rachel…


Steve was bustin’ out the looks as well…


Meghan’s wedding day gift to Steve…



More smiles!


The ceremony…


Gotta love this…


Its always cool to get everybody in at least one image!


I thought this was pretty cute…


We did a few shots inside before heading out…


The party…


The girls!


The guys!



The square provided some pretty nice backdrops…


These columns were pretty cool…



The beautiful cake courtesy of The White Flower Cake Shoppe




First dance…


A different take on the reception…


One more at the end of the night…


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Julie & Dan…

A couple weeks ago, we had the great pleasure of spending the day with Julie and Dan for their wedding.  These two are an absolute joy to be around and to photograph.  The entire day, we felt like we were just hanging out with friends!  We got to so much time to work with them and the wind was on our side all day blowing Julie’s veil around every time we thought about it!  I love to see Dan and Julie together because you can tell that they are best friends more than anything.  They are the kind of people who make you smile.  It was also cool to see one of our previous couples Kristin & Nick, whose wedding we photographed last December.  Check out the stuff we got!

Ted grabbed this shot of the steeple before the ceremony…

You gotta love Ted’s eye for detail!

And another one…

Dan must be one of the sweetest grooms ever – Julie had an amazing present waiting for her along with this card:

After that, she and I had some fun with the drapes!

Who couldn’t love these goofy guys?

So…the colors of the wedding were brown and orange.  Now I wonder if that was purely reflective of the season or if it had something to do with a particular groom’s favorite football team…?

I love this PJ shot Ted got right before Julie walked down the aisle.  I think she was excited!

Julie’s DIY-ed flowers.  Did a pretty good job didn’t she?

I think Julie has just beautiful hands.  These hands have seen a lot since Julie works in a vet’s office.

Here comes that wind!!!

Loved this party…

Another one of my favorites from Ted…

LOVE this image!  You guessed it: it’s mine!  ;)

Since we are already very image heavy, I’ll leave with just one last image from the first dance:

Love you guys!  We had such a great time with you!

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Sarah & Jim’s Wedding

What an absolutely gorgeous day we had last weekend for Jim and Sarah’s wedding out at Blue Heron Golf Club in Medina. The temperature was perfect, the light was spectacular, and we couldn’t have worked with a better couple.  Even though it was a relatively small wedding, Sarah had paid special attention to every detail to make a perfect day.  Every single detail was chosen specifically to her taste and it all came together to match – from Jim’s suit to the table favors, it all went together.  Everything was beautiful, but nothing held a candle to Sarah!  What made it even better is that Jim couldn’t keep his eyes (or his hands!) off her!  After we we were done taking pictures of them together, they admitted that they hate being in front of the camera.  That was news to us!  You will see what I mean…

I was able to grab a few getting ready shots before everything happened including this one…

The ceremony was short and sweet, and there were several laugh-out-loud funny moments.  My favorite was when the minister asked Sarah if she liked golf.  I think she said “Eh…it’s alright.”  Then Jim said, “Ask ME if I like golf!!”  How often does the photographer crack up during a ceremony?

The PJ shot of the day…

Does anyone believe that they hate the camera?  They do!

We did some quick “semi-formals” before heading out…

One happy, very ticklish family!

Now on to the good stuff!!!

When we scouted around that morning for spots to shoot, this spot was on our list as optional.  I’m glad it made the cut!  The pink makes Sarah’s skin look even prettier than it already is…

And if we had missed this light, it would have been a tragedy.

Finally on the course!

My favorite ring shot for awhile, compliments of Ted…

LOVED the colors for everything.  The bouquet was the compilation of it all…

The tearful Father/Daughter-with-the-addition-of-Mother Dance:

What a great end to the week – we felt so valued and appreciated on top of having a great time.  All the best guys!

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Arika & Gabe

Friday marked the beginning of our very first “triple decker” weekend.  What a way to start off too!  Gabe & Arika booked with us more than a year ago and we had no idea how the day was going to go or how they would be in front of the camera.  But as soon as I saw Gabe’s face as Arika walked down the aisle towards him, I knew.  Friday was, exactly, the 8 year anniversary of when they had first met.  And you would never know that a day had gone by – their eyes never left each other and I don’t think Gabe stopped smiling even once that whole day.  I love our job because we get to see so much emotion all the time, and these two really stood out.  They value each other more than anything, and nothing distracted them from each other the entire day.

The gown going on…

Ted finding a cool reflection with Gabe’s belt buckle…

Look how sparkly and gorgeous these eyes are – I didn’t even touch them in Photoshop I swear!

I could put the same exact caption for this photo as the previous!  Their kids have no chance of having anything less than perfect eyes!

Arrival to the church…

Anyone wondering what the perfect response of a groom seeing his bride for the first time walking down the aisle?  How about a huge smile the second the doors open followed directly by this:

Family formals outside are so much more fun and relaxed than inside.  Both sides of this family interacted with each other so well that the talking ones were the best!

Took advantage of some of that sweet light for Arika and Gabe too…

My favorite of Ted’s.  This is all action!!!

Can you believe we didn’t even get a smudge on Arika’s gown?  She never looked less than perfect the entire day.

Bringing Gabe in on the action…(can you find the duck in this image?)

My recent obsession has been speckles caused by light coming through in the leaves of trees, so I love this one:

The crazy party!  What a great group they were – personality to the max!

First dance, “She’s Everything” by Brad Paisley.

After this end of the night shot, we thanked Gabe & Arika for being such willing models for us that day and Gabe said, “Are you kidding?  This has been the best day of my life – I got to kiss Arika all day!”  That put a smile on my face for the rest of the night…

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Tom & Roxanne

The Friday before last, Ted and I spent the day with Tom and Roxanne over at the beautiful Mooreland Mansion for their small and intimate wedding.  Despite the gloomy weather, they still managed to have a great day with a semi-outdoor ceremony and reception.  I don’t think I heard Roxanne complain about the weather even one time and she and Tom gladly went outdoors for a couple shots when the sun made a quick appearance towards the end of the day.  With all the little ones there, we managed to get some pretty hilarious candid stuff too!

Quick couple shots of Roxanne getting ready…

Ted’s new official favorite color is now green.  Really loved the shade of these dresses.

One of the many tearful moments throughout the day:

The window light was in short supply that day, but I managed to grab a few…

Can you tell it’s lightly sprinkling in this image?  Ted tells me he had an umbrella…I hope he was telling the truth!  Tom didn’t mind going out all!

The first time I saw the little guy in this shot, I smiled and said hi and he immediately started crying and ran away.  After that, he couldn’t seem to stop looking at the camera!

This is my favorite (Ted’s grab during the ceremony).

These two have a very comfortable relationship together.  You can tell they enjoy each other and neither are the type to rush anything.  Fortunately for us, the indoor spots are in abundance at Mooreland.  Here’s some sweetness out on the porch:

Since this has been our FIRST truly rained out wedding, we had to bring out the umbrella for a couple!  Ted’s favorite of mine:

The first dance…

While the rain was disappointing at first, it really didn’t put a damper on any part of the day.  Special thanks go out to Debbie the coordinator for the day – she went over and beyond to accommodate us and everyone involved.

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Dale & Kristen

Well guys, I’m sad to say that it’s over.  Kristen and Dale’s wedding, one of the most anticipated weddings of the season, has already gone by.  However, it didn’t disappoint!  The day was hot, clear, and beautiful and we took full advantage of every part.  These two are a perfect match for each other – they are both so laid back and they trusted our judgement completely.  We always walk away satisfied from a wedding like that!  And, obviously, they are one the most photogenic couples I think that has ever lived!

I knew I could count on Kristen to have amazing shoes…

My camera loves her!

Some playing around…

Of course, we can’t leave Dale out of this!  We’ve always said he would make a good model for Express or some such store because he’s always got the best looks.  I think Kristen had this shot planned when she had these walls in their house painted this awesome red…

The wedding at St. John’s Cathedral.


Her eyes just demand attention.

Great light at one of our new favorite places downtown…

Kristen didn’t even question this grungy driveway…

My favorite:

Across the street we found this little spot:

And this too…

Ted and I went scouting the day before and found this majorly cool spot under a blue bridge downtown.  A cop (and several other people driving by) even stopped and told us that it was the weirdest place he’d ever seen a wedding party.  Which we, of course, took as a compliment!

I think I’m noticing a trend of blue in the places we’ve been finding lately…

The amazing par-tay!  Check out their GQ faces…

Ted won that day with the coolest first dance shot!

Kristen and Dale – even though we’re sad you’re big day is over, you guys rock and we can’t wait to work with you again!

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Haley & Timmy

8.8.08 found us with Haley and Timmy over on the east side of town.  I knew it was going to be awesome day when Haley told me that morning her goal for the day was to “Make the website!”  There’s no way you can’t get great stuff when the couple’s goal is the BE your best stuff!  Haley and Tim have a great relationship and are both beautiful and so much fun!  Their wedding was centered around their love for each other and their wonderful families.  Their ceremony was a tearful one for the audience when they sang together for one of the selections.  Not only are they beautiful people completely in love with each other, but they had amazing voices too!  How did that happen?

We were so lucky to have another amazing car for the second week in a row!  This amazing blue car belonged to Luke, Haley’s brother who gladly donated it for picture taking…

Haley’s wedding gift to Timmy…

Haley’s other half!

Some sweetness with Mom and Dad before the ceremony…

There was waaaaaay too many photos to choose from for Haley, so I’ll leave you with this one for now…

This was the most exciting moment from a ceremony ever!  Haley jumped onto Timmy’s back and they ran down the aisle at full speed!  We were so surprised we almost didn’t get it!  I think Holly, the matron of honor, felt the same way too since she was carrying Haley’s train!

Made use of this amazing light at the church before heading off to the locations…

Now this location deserves some explaining.  Ted and I went exploring in the area a little bit before the wedding day looking for cool spots to use when we found this old factory building with rusty blue walls.  How could we pass that up?  A different bride and groom might have questioned us when we led the way, but Haley and Tim just jumped out of the limo and went right into this position without any hesitation.  Made the website?  I think made the website + a sample album!

They are so happy when they are together!

Ted and I have a DVD highlighting a world-famous photographer who shoots some of the best work in the world.  In this DVD, he has a bride that dances for him upon command.  Our bride had his bride beat this time – she did it without any suggestions from me at all!!!!  I was in heaven!

Ted’s grab of the day.  I love it!

The party!

Off for some more car shots at the Hilton..

One of my favorites from the day…

I couldn’t choose between these two end of the night shots so I’m leaving you with both!

I have a sneaking suspicion that last Friday wasn’t the last time we’re going to work with Haley and Timmy…

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Kate & Bryan

The Saturday before last, we took a welcome break from weddings and headed out to West Side Market with our all star couple Kate & Bryan.  Kate & Bryan recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary and wanted to do a session with us since they never got to do an engagement session.  So this was their “post engagement session.”  What can I say?  It was so much fun!  Kate and I had been brainstorming the previous weeks about location, clothing, and poses.  For all you brides out there, I learned some big things from Kate about posing – her secret is America’s Next Top Model!  There wasn’t a moment that our cameras were pointed in her direction, that she wasn’t perfect.  Check it out:

I love photographing them because I love their relationship.  These two are each other’s absolute best friends and you can’t not notice it…


Of course, Bryan wasn’t too far behind Kate.  He recently got asked to model for something or other – I think I see a future career!

This is my favorite shot that I got from the day.  It captures exactly what I had in mind for the session from when we first started talking about it.

One of the things I love most about shooting with Ted is that we see things so differently.  He got this shot seconds before I got the previous one.  He read the scene so much differently than I did!

This is my favorite shot of Ted’s.  I love Kate’s expression here, and how it looks like we walked up on them during a private moment.

She’s smokin’!!!

This one probably was shot by one of us testing the exposure while Kate & Bryan were getting into their pose, but I saw it and loved it.  To me, it shows their relationship in one passing moment…

Use…D other?  Love it anyway…

Kate and I had this idea simultaneously for this red door.  Does it get much more expressive than this?  I think not.

Thanks guys for everything – you’re awesome and we love you!

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